Adverse Weather Conditions

School Procedure

During severe weather conditions, such as flooding or snow, it may be necessary to close the school temporarily due to inaccessibility or risk of injury.

The decision to close will only be made in exceptional circumstances if weather conditions pose risks to children’s safety and welfare. This may be due to transport or travel issues (coming to school or going home), the safety of our school sites (including possible damage caused) or low staff ratios due to difficulties getting into school.

Children’s safety is always our priority and we will remain open unless it would be a high risk to do so.

If the decision to close is made we will communicate with parents in the following ways:

  • Parentmail text and email. Please ensure all your details on Parentmail are correct and up to date (please note we cannot change email addresses and mobile numbers for you – you will need to check that Parentmail has the correct details by logging into your account and checking on the My account option on the left hand side of the screen).
  • Twitter – @StAnnesRoyton
  • School website (this displays a live Twitter feed) –
  • Oldham council website –
  • Local radio stations. Please check that they have stated St. Anne’s Royton.