Year 3 – Orange



Our class teacher for the 2017-2018 academic year is Mr Ashworth.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Slattery.


Welcome to Orange Class !


Over the next few weeks we will be reading The Stone Age Boy in English.  We will be writing a story, a recount and a persuasive argument.


Our first units in Maths will be:

  • Place Value
  • Addition and Subtraction

Topic Questions

We have many exciting topic questions this year that are sure to get everyone thinking and engaged with their learning.

Who first lived in Britain?

A look at early Britain.  During this topic the children will learn who was first to live in Britain. We will look at changes in Britain up to the end of the Iron Age and investigate similarities and differences.

What has changed about St Anne’s in the last century?

A local history study looking specifically at how Oldham’s Industrial Revolution and Victorian past have helped to form St Anne’s Primary and the changes it has seen along the way. This will be an exciting opportunity for the children to learn more about their home town.

Why is Manchester such a cool place to live?

A geography based study of Manchester and the reasons that make it such a ‘cool’ place to live. During this topic the children will strengthen their geographical knowledge of the local area and become more familiar with using geographical language in their writing.

Why has Greece always been in the news?

A study of Ancient Greece; during this topic the children will be able to make comparisons with the lives of people in early Britain whom they learnt about in the first topic. This topic will also provide the opportunity for the children to learn a little more about Europe, broadening their geographical awareness.

Where would the river boat take me?

A study of the physical and human geographical aspects of rivers. The children will learn why rivers are so important and about the environments they are found in.

Who lives in our neighbouring counties and are they any different to me?

During this topic the children will learn what a county is and what makes each county different.  We shall compare human and physical geographical differences and write up our findings.


For the first half term Orange class will have P.E. lessons on Wednesday afternoons. For this they will need their indoor PE kit.

  • Black shorts
  • Red polo shirt
  • Black pumps/plimsolls

Our Learning Line

Our learning line helps us to monitor and track our progress and explain our learning to other people. Our line shows the hero’s journey from the Greek myths. The children will help to design our learning line and use it in all areas of the curriculum.

Investors in pupils

Our class target:

Will be set with the children as they return in September and shared with you then.

More detailed information about class activities will be shared with parents in our weekly class newsletters.

Mr Ashworth and Mrs Slattery