Year 5/6 – Turquoise




Welcome to Turquoise Class!


Our class teacher for this academic year is Miss Hamilton.

Our teaching assistants are Miss Dymond and Mrs Dodman.

In Turquoise Class, we cover many exciting topics to enhance children’s knowledge and understanding in-line with The National Curriculum 2014.  British Values also underpin our curriculum.

Topic Titles:

These are the six topics we will be doing over the next academic year.  Each topic will last a half term and will also be cross curricular with other subjects.

Autumn 1 – Were the Vikings always so Vicious and Victorious? (History)

Core English Texts:






In this topic we will be looking at who the Vikings were, where they settled which will develop as we continue through the topic to understand how we should remember them.  We will be looking at what they did to gain a bad reputation. One main idea we will be exploring is how they tried to take over the country and how close they got to achieving it.

Click here for the Viking Knowledge Organiser

Autumn 2 – How did Great Britain stand firm against the German threat? (History)

Core Texts:






During this topic, our curriculum focus will be on an aspect or theme in British History beyond 1066. Within this topic, we will look into World War two and the affects it had on people. We will look at evacuation and understand what it was like to be a child during the war.

Click here for the WW2 Knowledge Organiser

Spring 1 – Who were the Mayans and what can we learn from them? (History) 

Core Texts:






Within the topic we will look at the lifestyles led by the Mayans as well as how their lives were different. One main idea we will be exploring is the similarities and differences between their lives and our lives now. We will also focus on their religion and the gods that they worship.

Click here for the Mayans Knowledge Organiser

Spring 2 – How diverse is life in South America? (Geography)

Core Texts:






During this topic, we will learn to locate the major cities and countries of South America. One main idea we will be learning about is how the Amazon Rainforest is known as ‘the lungs of the earth.’ This will develop our skills in Locational Knowledge, Place Knowledge, Human and Physical Geography and Geographical Skills and Fieldwork.

Click here for the South America Knowledge Organiser

Summer 1 – Why should Britain be ashamed of slavery? (History)

Core Texts:






This topic will focus on what life was like as a slave and the different aspects of their lives. One main idea we will focus on is Britain’s part in the slave trade and what they gained from it and why they didn’t stop it. We will also have a brief look at modern slavery.

Click here for the Slavery Knowledge Organiser

Summer 2 – Will I ever see the water I drink again?  (Geography)

Core Texts:






This topic will extend our Locational Knowledge, Place Knowledge, Human and Physical Geography and Geographical Skills and Fieldwork by learning about water cycles and how rivers fit into water cycles.

Click here for the Water Cycle Knowledge Organiser


For a more detailed view of our curriculum areas, please visit the Curriculum Tab on our website.


It is essential that children have the correct PE kit in school.  PE for Year 6 will be every Wednesday afternoon and swimming for Year 5 will be every Wednesday afternoon.


Indoor sessions:

  • Black shorts
  • Red polo shirt
  • Black pumps

Outdoor sessions

  • Black shorts or dark tracksuit bottoms (winter)
  • Red polo shirt
  • Trainers (not fashionable)
  • Sweater (winter)

Children must ensure if they are wearing small studded earrings then these are removed for PE lessons.

Year 5 will be Swimming for the full year, they should ensure they have their kits in school for Wednesday:

Trunks or swim shorts (shorts must be lined and no longer than mid-thigh)

1 piece costume (close fitting leotards and footless tights may also be worn where normal swimwear is not appropriate for religious/ cultural reasons).

The Learning Line 

The Learning Line helps the children to evaluate their own progress in lessons. Our line links to our class text “How to train your dragon”  and the children use it in all areas of the curriculum.

Our Golden Promises: 

Our Prayers:


Homework  will be handed out on a Friday and must be returned to school the following Wednesday.  Homework will include: handwriting, spellings, a times tables/ arithmetic activity and a banded reading book.

If you would like any more information about our class, please do not hesitate to contact us via the school office.