Nursery – Gold

Our class teacher for the 2018-19 academic year is Mrs Angela Mitchell.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Deborah Russell.

Summer Term

In the first half of the Summer term, we will be having a focus on phonics. The children will be introduced to the letter sounds at a quick pace (three or four a week), and will participate in a range of games and activities to help them to remember the letters. We will be focusing on hearing the initial sounds in words and writing the corresponding letter. Using the letter sounds to read simple words will be modelled, and those children who are ready for this will be attempting to read and write their own simple words.

We will also be focusing on shapes. Sorting a range of 2D and 3D shapes by their properties and finding these shapes in our environment. The children will be working on number problems, some will be separating a group of objects into two or three groups and finding totals, others will be working on number recognition.

Forest School activities begin this term. Every Tuesday, the children are asked to wear their own clothes (suitable for the weather and getting dirty!) and we go up to the school field to participate in a variety of activities, from making Nature Bracelets and mobiles, to building mini-beast hotels.

The children will continue with their SPLAY (Sport through Play) sessions with Mr Morris on a Monday morning. The children have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and are benefitting greatly from them, both in their physical skills and in their listening and attention skills.

Mrs Emmott will continue to deliver specialist music sessions on a Wednesday morning. These sessions are great for speaking and listening skills, introducing lots of new vocabulary through song and developing good speaking skills through rhythm and rhyme. The children’s self-confidence is developing well and they are expressing the feelings in a piece of music through movements.