Nursery – Gold

Our class teacher for the 2017-18 academic year is Mrs Angela Mitchell.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Deborah Russell.

Autumn Term

We will begin our school year by getting to know the children through our topic, ‘Marvellous Me.’ We will be asking the children to talk about their families, identify their family members on photographs and remember special family times. The main focus for this half term will be Personal, Social and Emotional Development; helping the children to settle and learn the Nursery rules and routines.

Alongside this topic we will be taking the ‘Rhyme Time Challenge.’ We will be learning and singing lots of Nursery Rhymes. This helps the children to develop an understanding of rhythm and rhyme and, through counting rhymes, practice counting and number recognition.

We will investigate the changing seasons and have an ‘Autumn Week’, when we will explore the local area and look for signs of Autumn. Our topic for the second half term will be ‘People Who Help us’. Children will read a range of fiction and non-fiction books, meet some real life people who help, and role play being a person who helps (police officer, firefighter, nurse, lollipop person etc.).

We love to learn outdoors and we will go out and use the nature area and quadrangle in all weathers! Please can you provide a pair of wellies for your child to wear when necessary, it is also important that your child has warm, waterproof clothing e.g. water proof coat, gloves and hats for cold and wet occasions.