Nursery – Gold

Our class teacher for the 2020-2021 academic year is Mrs Angela Mitchell.
Our teaching assistant is Mrs Deborah Russell.

Autumn Term
We will be starting this term with our topic ‘Fabulous Families’. We will be getting to know the children and finding out about who is special to them. We will ask the children to bring in a family photograph which they can show to their friends.

The children will also be taking part in the ‘Rhyme Time Challenge’. We will be learning lots of Nursery Rhymes and accompanying them with actions and musical instruments, in small groups. The children will be exploring rhyming words, rhythm and be using their voices in different ways. Through our Nursery Rhymes, we will be reciting numbers, counting and exploring what happens when we ‘take one away’ (e.g. in 5 Little Ducks).

We will have our hall time on a Monday morning. During this time the children will be taking part in a range of activities, including music making, dancing, parachute games and ring games. All of these activities encourage good listening and social skills.

During the day the children will have times when they are working as a whole class. Throughout this time the children will be introduced to the concepts of ‘Good Looking’, ‘Good Listening’, and ‘Good Sitting’. At other times, the children will work in smaller groups with a teacher or will have ‘independent learning’ (when they can choose the area within our Nursery where they would like to work).

Outdoor learning is a huge part of the Early Years curriculum and the children will have plenty of opportunities to work in our outdoor area. Children will need to have a pair of wellies in school and wear a good, waterproof coat. Please write your child’s name in their wellies and coat.

We also ask that children bring in a water bottle. This will be sent home daily for washing. Please ensure your child knows what their bottle looks like and write their name on it.