Year 1/2 – Green

Welcome To Green Class!

Our class teacher for the 2021-22  academic year is Miss Moran

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Brierley and Mrs Slattery

In Green Class, we cover many exciting topics to enhance children’s knowledge and understanding in-line with the National Curriculum. British Values also underpin our curriculum.

Our key topic areas this year are:

Why did The Wright Brothers, Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart take to the sky?
Core Text: Izzy Gizmo by Pip Jones

The is a History based topic. We will learn about the Wright Brothers and why they decided to take to the sky! We will also look at key events surrounding the lives of other famous pilots and how aviation has changed over time.
Click here for Wright Brother and Amy Johnson Knowledge Organiser

Why can’t a Penguin live in the desert?
Core Text: 
Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

This is a Geography based topic. We will learn about the human and physical features of Geography. We will compare two different locations. We will learn about hot and cold places.
Click here for Equator Knowledge Organiser

What do aliens think of life on planet Earth?
Core Text: 
Beegu by  Alexis Deacon

This is a Geography based topic. We will build on our knowledge of human and physical Geography by comparing two familiar places.
Click for UK Comparison Organiser

Was the Great Fire of London Really Great?
Core Text: 
The Great Fire of London by Emma Adams

This is a History based topic. Through the use of historic artefacts we will learn about life in London in 1666 and the events leading up to, and after, The Great Fire of London.
Click here for The Great fire of London – Knowledge Organiser

What was life like when Queen  Elizabeth I was on the Throne?
Core Text: 
Elizabeth I- Stephanie Turnbull
Core text:Becoming Queen Elizabeth II by Gillian Clements

This is a History based topic. We will be learning about what life would have been like for a child living during this period in Oldham.\
Click here for Queen Elizabeth Knowledge Organiser

What will I see on a bus journey around Oldham?
Core Text: 
The Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke

This is a Geography based topic. We use use our map skills to learn about different places near our school.
Click here for Local Area Knowledge Organiser

Remote Learning

Oak National Academy Year 1

Oak National Academy Year 2 

Green class Remote Timetable 2020 – 21

Green Class will have their PE lessons on Mondays.  It is essential that children have the correct PE kit in school.


Indoor sessions:

  • Black shorts
  • Red polo shirt
  • Black pumps

Outdoor sessions

  • Black shorts or dark tracksuit bottoms (winter)
  • Red polo shirt
  • Trainers (not fashionable)
  • Sweater (winter)

Our Learning Line

The Learning Line helps us the children to evaluate their own progress in lessons. The children helped to design our learning line and use it in all areas of the curriculum. It follows the process of: Plan, Understand, Passion, Act, Evaluate, Embed.

Our Golden Promises


Homework is explained on the newsletter each week.  It will be handed out on a Friday and must be returned to school the following Wednesday.  Homework will include: English, Maths, Spelling and a piece of ‘Talk’ homework which will link to our worship theme.

Your child will also have a reading book which needs to be returned each Wednesday.

If you would like any more information about our class, please do not hesitate to contact us via the school office.

Miss Moran, Mrs Brierley and Mrs Slattery