Year 1/2 – Green

Welcome To Green Class!

Our class teacher for the 2018-19 academic year is Mr Gooding.


P.E. lessons shall be on Monday afternoons. The children will need an indoor P.E. kit in school prior to this.


Homework is set on Fridays and should be returned the following Wednesday.
Reading books can be changed once your child has finished reading them.
We will have our Spelling Test on Friday mornings.

Topic Titles for The 2018/2019 Academic Year

Why did The Wright Brothers, Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart take to the sky?

We will learn about the Wright Brothers and why they decided to take to the sky! We will also look at key events surrounding the lives of other famous pilots.

Why can’t a penguin live in the desert?

We will learn about the key differences between hot and cold places by using our Geography skills.

What do aliens think of life on planet Earth?

We will build on our knowledge of Human and Physical Geography by looking comparing different places.

Was the Great Fire of London Really Great?

We will learn about life in London in 1666 and the events leading up to, and after, The Great Fire of London. We will also cover the events surrounding The Great plague.

What was life like when Queen Victoria was on the Throne?

We will be learning about what life would have been like for a child living during the Victorian period in Oldham.

What will I see on a bus journey around Oldham?

We will put our geography skills to the test by learning about the physical and human features of our town, Oldham.