Complaints Procedure

All schools have a clear Complaints Procedure. A procedure has been adopted by our Governors. This is as follows:

  • If there is a cause for concern by a parent or carer they must firstly approach the classteacher of their child to share this.
  • Hopefully most concerns will be dealt with at this stage.
  • If a parent or carer remains unhappy then he/she must make an appointment to speak to the Headteacher. A form is available from school which must be completed before the meeting. This details the nature of the complaint/concern and what you would like to see done to solve the problem.
  • If you are not happy with the response from the Headteacher then a complaint can be made to the Chair of Governors (c/o the school) in writing.
  • An investigation will take place and you will receive a written response from the Chair of Governors.
  • If you remain unhappy with this response then a complaint can be made to Local Authority.
  • Please note that complaints made directly to the Local Authority or Governors of the school will not be dealt with unless this procedure has been followed.

We take all concerns very seriously and we are pleased to say that most are resolved at a very early stage. We value the partnership we have with parents and carers and aim to keep this positive at all times.