Year 4/5 – Lilac

Welcome to Lilac Class!

Our class teacher for the 2017 – 2018 academic year is Miss Barr.

Our teaching assistants are Miss Corrigan and Miss Gough.

Topic Titles:

These are the six topics we will be doing over the next academic year.  Each topic will last a half term and will also be cross curricular with other subjects.

Autumn 1 – How can we rediscover the wonder of Ancient Egypt?

During this topic children will learn where Egypt is within the world and will also learn all about the history of Ancient Egypt.  Children will get the opportunity to explore artefacts and will be attending Manchester Museum. Here they will role play being an archaeologist.  During the topic, children will be exploring the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt as well as the famous boy king Tutankhamun.

Autumn 2 – Why should gunpowder, treason and plot never be forgotten?

Here we will delve into the gunpowder plot and the role it has played on modern life. We will be identifying why it is an important part of our history. This topic will see the children take on different art activities and express themselves through drama.

Spring 1 – What makes the world grumble and shake?  

Children will extend their learning in locational geography and will locate world’s countries, including the position of latitude on a map. Children will also develop their place knowledge and from this will be able to identify similarities and differences between the UK and South America.  This topic will very much be human geography based and will include local fieldwork experiments.

Spring 2 – What would Route 66 show me which the M1 could not?

During this topic children will develop their geographical knowledge of countries outside of Europe, including latitude. They will be studying the physical aspects of our country and the United States of America. Children will gain first-hand experience through field trips within the local area and will research into Route 66 and the M1 to understand the significance these major roads play within the country they are located in.

Summer 1 – Why is London the Capital City?

Following on from learning about key historical events taking place in London, children will learn why London is the capital of England and why it is so popular with tourists.  Children will also study our regional area, Manchester, and will contrast the two locations to identify just why London is the capital of our country.


Summer 2 – Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing compared to the Scots?

This topic will allow children to investigate Britain’s settlements, focusing on the Anglo-Saxons and the Scots.  Children will compare and contrast the similarities of settlers, becoming investigators and handling lots of artefacts. They will find out how different settlers shaped our British history. Our trip for this topic will be on the 11th June 2018.


For P.E children will require the following items;

▪Red polo shirt

▪Black shorts/ skirt

▪Black pumps

Children must ensure if they are wearing small studded earrings these need to be removed for PE lessons.   Children will also go swimming during the spring term and will require the following items;

Boys – Trunks or swim shorts (shorts must be lined and no longer than mid-thigh)

Girls – 1 piece costume (close fitting leotards and footless tights may also be worn where normal swimwear is not appropriate for religious/ cultural reasons).

PE lessons will be on a Friday afternoon for the Summer Term and we will be taking part in Sports Development. Full PE kits will be needed for this.

Investors In Pupils Target

We are going to make sure that everyone always follows instructions first time without any fussing. We will also try our best in all our work and ensure we attend school everyday.

The Learning Line 

The learning line is used during lessons to help the children to assess their own learning.  It helps the children to understand how much progress they feel they have made during their learning and encourages children to become the ‘master’ of their work.

More detailed information about class activities will be shared with parents on our weekly class newsletters.