Parents As Partners

At St Anne’s CE (Aided) Primary School we recognise the importance of establishing positive relationships with parents, as highlighted by the EYFS framework. We understand that an effective partnership between school and home will have a positive impact on children’s learning and development. Practitioners endeavour to encourage the regular sharing of information about the children with parents.

We encourage parents to share their unique knowledge of their child, providing further insight into the child as an individual (e.g. characteristics, interests, experiences, likes, dislikes). This supports practitioners in establishing interesting and stimulating learning experiences, responding to children’s needs and interests.

Parental involvement with school begins even before children start Nursery or Reception with an invitation to visit the school and meet their child’s teacher. Parent consultation meetings are held in the Autumn and Spring Term at which parents are invited to discuss their child’s progress. A report is sent out at the end of each term and parents are invited into school to discuss these reports if they wish.

Parents are kept informed of what is happening in the setting through our online learning journal ‘Tapestry’. We provide regular feedback to parents via Tapestry about the learning which is taking place within school, this is through photos, videos or ideas for supporting children at home. Parents and carers are also invited to contribute their own observations of their child’s learning at home so that a more complete picture of a child’s development can be achieved.

For more information on our online learning journals, please visit this website:

Tapestry Information